Camera and Audio Package

We use a Sony DXC-D30w camera head, and usually record on a Sony digital DVCam camera back. When production budgets allow, we hire expert sound recordists with their own gear. When budgets are tight we utilize our own Beyerdynamic, Sony and Sennheiser microphones along with an SQN mixer.

Camera Support Equipment

Our "Little Jib Thing" is a beautifully designed adjustable length mini jib, perfect for shooting in situations with limited space and/or a need for unobtrusive operation. There are no robotics involved, so no need for a.c. power. The camera is operated from the pan head, as if on sticks, but with the ability to move through space for the beautiful production value that moving shots create.

Skateboard Dolly
Moving shots make for compelling visual treatment. Used in combination with the Little Jib Thing, or with a tri-pod mounted camera, this simple skateboard dolly runs on either standard dolly track or simple plastic pipe available anywhere. The silky smooth motion of the dolly helps us create stunning photography.

Camera Equipment

Tools are an important part of any craft. As a project based company we maintain the ability to procure whatever tools are needed to get the job done. Our ongoing broadcast work with a variety of clients keeps Visionsmith familiar with the latest equipment and the best vendors. When HDTV or other high-end formats are required, we rent what we need. Our in-house equipment allows us to produce beautiful video for most of our Production Service clients.