Production services

From initial concept, through final edit, Visionsmith will work with you
on any or all aspects of your production. With decades of broadcast
television experience, we know how to work well with media professionals
and their production needs. We also pride ourselves in knowing how to
guide clients with no television experience through the process of video

Our clients range from multi-million dollar corporations, through
mid sized companies, to large and small non profit organizations, to
individual artists documenting their work. The job may be as simple as
compressing a client's own footage for a CD-Rom or Internet use, or as
complicated as our own documentary project with more than twenty
scholar/advisors and multiple grant writing requirements.

Many of our clients, while professionals in their own fields, have
little knowledge about how to tell their story on film or tape. Our
producers will sit down with you for a free initial consultation to
learn what it is you want to say and who you want to say it to. After we
know what the project is all about, we'll explain the process of how we
create a visual story from start to finish, and make suggestions as to
how best to fulfill your goals.

Often the first question a potential client asks is: "How much will it
cost?" Sure, we can quote you hourly rates for script writing, shooting,
editing etc, but that's not going to really answer the bottom line
question. The approach we prefer is an initial meeting to learn about
the project. Your cost so far.... not a thing. With the knowledge of
what it is you want to accomplish, we can then suggest a range of
production scenarios to fit your needs, and your budget.

Sometimes a client wants to stay with an hourly charge for the work we
do. More often, we work together to decide on the scope of the project
and agree on a package price for the services we'll be providing. We
don't want any project to leave our shop that we, or the client, is not
completely happy with. Our experience is that our artists put in many
more hours tweaking and fussing over your story when it's a package
deal, so that they are completely happy with their work and proud to
deliver it to you. Word of mouth from satisfied clients, and the body of
work made up of our completed projects are our best marketing tools. The
incentive therefore, is for us to put in more hours on your project to
make it the best it can be.

We invite you to take a look at some samples of Visionsmith projects on
our Projects Sample page. For a look at some of the components of video
production take a look at these links:

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