Telling Stories - That's What We Do

Large stories and small stories, long stories and short ones, video and film production is all about telling stories. Here at Visionsmith Television we love the process of telling stories.

Over twenty years of broadcast production work gives us the expertise to tell your story. Our cutting edge digital equipment gives us the means to do it cost effectively. Combining the expertise, the means and the love of what we do gives us the ability to tell it beautifully.

Visionsmith Television provides:

Comprehensive Production Services for companies and non-profit organizations looking to produce professional video for broadcast, videotape, disk and Internet distribution.

Camera Services for television production companies, Producers, Directors, and Production Managers. We offer expert operation of Jib, Crane, Dolly, Hand-Held and Pedestal mounted cameras. We've even been known to use a tri-pod.

Current Documentary Projects


Visionsmith is a proud partner of American Revolutionary Productions, LLC which is currently in the planning and scripting phase of "Independence."  Moving beyond the colonial elite in their powdered wigs, this documentary series tells the compelling story of how during the American Revolution colonial rebels, free and enslaved blacks and Native Americans, fought three concurrent and intertwined struggles for freedom and independence. The programs will inform a broad audience about the hopes and aspirations of these three groups, their successes and failures and how their actions dramatically changed America.

"Independence" is funded in part by the Maryland Humanities Council, the New Jersey Historical Commission, the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the North Carolina Humanities Council, and the South Carolina Humanities Council.

"Independence" is a sponsored project of the New York Foundation For the Arts. 501c3.


Prodigy's Progress

Visionsmith has formed a limited partnership for the production of a one-hour documentary for public television that will tell the story of Jay Greenberg, a prolific American composer, who at age twelve, has already produced dozens of sonatas and five symphonies.

While Jay's story illuminates the creative process of composing, the program's focus is not on classical music per se. The film examines the development of his extraordinary skills, explores his amazing mind, and tells how he relates to the world around him. Jay's daily life reveals how our educational system (and his friends and family) must struggle to accommodate and nurture an amazing talent.

Native Americans, in Arkansas 1800-1860

The video program will tell how Native Americans in Arkansas devised different strategies to maintain their freedom and independence. Though they suffered enormous setbacks in the 19th-century, their story is one of adaptability, resilience, creativity, and persistence.

This project is funded by a grant from the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation.