Film maker David Cowell asked us to help him tell the story of Margarite and The King of Thulé. We provided crew and equipment for both production and post production of this short film, based on the opera "La Damnation de Faust" by Hector Berlioz. In this scene, Margarite contemplates symbols of love, while Faust secretly watches her. As she gazes into a goblet of wine, a vision of her true love, The King of Thulé, appears in the glass.

if you don't see the opening frame of the movie you'll need to download the free quicktime player


Project Staff

David Cowell: writer, producer, director

David Smith: director of photography, editor

Kirk Johnson: gaffer

Gilles Carter and Laura Marsh: grips

Shooting in three locations and in diverse conditions offered us a chance to bring a lot of Visionsmith's equipment to bear on this project. Our own Sony DSR D-30 digital camera was used with a Fujinon 19x7.8mm lens. Extensive use was made of our camera dolly and track, and our "Little Jib Thing" camera support jib, which provided the motion in the first and last shots in this clip. We edited the film in 16:9 wide screen format on a Media 100XS editing system. The vision of the King in the glass was composited on our Videonics effeto/pronto system.

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