The Caroline Dorfman Dance Company needed a lot, but had limited resources. How could they tell the story of all the hours of hard work that went in to "Fresh Starts", a brand new series of dances? They turned to Visionsmith for help. Their budget allowed for one video shoot with no rehearsal, so our years of shooting for Dance in America and Live From Lincoln Center proved invaluable. They wanted not only an archival video for use by the company for training and for grant documentation, but a compelling program that could be used to attract future funding as well. How could we accomplish these goals without the multi-camera, multi shoot techniques usually used to shoot dance?

if you don't see the opening frame of the movie you'll need to download the free quicktime player


Project Staff

Allison Jaffe: client producer

David Smith: project director, camera, editor

Gilles Carter: camera assistant

While a full stage shot of all dancers, entrances and exits was essential for the documentation of "Fresh Starts", such wide coverage results in boring video. With the clients small budget we had to compromise, so we decided on a two camera shoot with an unmanned, locked off wide shot, and David manning a second, tighter shooting camera. Each camera rolled it's own tapes, with time-code synced between them.

During post production we laid both angles down on the time line, and with client input transitioned between them to achieve a balance of archival documentation of the event, and tighter details of the dance for visual interest. The footage was also utilized for company training - with vhs copies of the wide shot for use by the dancers - and for marketing - with shorter versions of the three dances combined for public relations and community outreach.

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