Turning despair into hope and a productive future through hard work in a
caring environment, that's the Anderson House story we needed to tell in
six minutes. In this short clip, Anderson House graduates set the scene
by describing what drug addiction meant to them. While the rest of the
video was shot on location at Anderson House, this scene takes place in
the shell of an old building to represent the empty and lonely feelings
these women had experienced in their addiction.

if you don't see the opening frame of the movie you'll need to download the free quicktime player


Project Staff

Linda Leyhane: client producer, project concept

David Smith: producer, director, camera, editor

Mark Mazewski: camera assistant

Allison Smith: production assistant

Like most non-profits, this client had a very small budget. Our digital
camera package allowed us to make beautiful pictures without a big
lighting budget and our skateboard dolly using plastic track allowed for
lots of production value with no added cost. We typically charge non
profits 50% less than standard rates.

Everyone who worked on this piece came away with great respect and
admiration for the graduates of Anderson House. We started the process
by getting together for a discussion with a group of graduates, which we
recorded on audio tape. Most of the script was taken directly from this
recording, with only three paragraphs, needed to tie things together,
recorded later. From the finished script we built a shot list with more
than a dozen set ups, including six dolly shots, which our hard working
crew was able to shoot in one and a half days.

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