Marketing to dozens of international and domestic airlines flying commercial jet aircraft into the New York/New Jersey area, AEROSOURCE, Inc. turned to
Visionsmith Television for a video story about efficiency and customer service.

We met with company officials and department heads to learn the business. After soliciting a wish list of things each department wanted to include, we wrote a script with support from company management.

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Project Staff

David Smith: writer, producer, director, camera operator

Ed Beddingfield: editor

Ray Hoover: lighting, jib tech

Vincent Demaio: camera assistant, lighting

Rob Garner: video control

Our visual treatment focused on moving camera shots and theatrical lighting to spice up shots of jet aircraft equipment being tested and measured. We fit a complicated shoot into one day by using an expert crew and extensive preplanned shooting script. The camera team wheeled our jib mounted camera and portable video and tape operator station from room to room, while concurrently our lighting crew leapfroged the shoot, striking lights from the previous location and setting up in the following one. Excellent catering kept the crew happy and on site.

We used an Ikegami broadcast camera and CCU, recording onto BetaSP. The camera was mounted on a Stanton Jimmy-Jib and equiped with a Fujinon 5.5mm wide angle lens. Our only piece edited on the venerable Video Toaster at Flying Pictures.

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